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asian ball joint dolls East Coast community
=== Due to a massive amount of spam bots, this community is now being moderated for membership ===

Welcome to BJD Revolution. This is an East Coast community for all asian ball jointed doll owners and fans who attend conventions and are interested in a more concentrated, tiny group focused solely on the enjoyment and beauty of ball jointed dolls. Members not on the east coast are welcome to join, but all activities will solely be based for east coast members!

BJD Rev Anniversary: 23 Aug 2004-2010 !!

Katsucon ~(Washington, DC)
Volks Dolls Party ~(New York, NY)
Otakon ~(Baltimore, MD)
Anime Weekend Atlanta ~(Atlanta, GA)
NekoCon ~(Hampton, VA)

The goal is to provide much information on any panels and parties, as well as have a fun community. We encourage everyone to post photos of their dolls and any new goodies they get. We'd like to do themes and group photos of our dolls eventually. Feel free to ask any questions, especially if you are just starting out! After all, that's what we're here for!

Please refrain from posting about meet-ups unless you have been given permission by a moderator or it is directly involving this group.

When you join please fill out the following so we can learn about you!

x Name?
x Age?
x Where do you live?
x How many BJDs do you own?
x What kinds are they?
x How long have you been into BJD?
x Do you attend conventions? (if so, specify which)

Please visit our shop and help to support the group:


Please refrain from posting "FOR SALE" items as this community was made for posting info of parties, panels, special community events, questions about the hobby, updates on future doll products and photo sharing. Thank-you in advance for understanding that there are better places to post Sale items w/ a higher traffic rate than here. =3

Please refrain from posting any other LJ Community link that is not related to BJD Rev.

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