Telion (telichan) wrote in bjd_revolution,

Hi Guys!

x Name? Telichan (Teruchan on DoA) they're japanesey takes on my nickname ^__^
x Age? 19
x Where do you live? UGA, Georgia! XD
x How many BJDs do you own? Hmmm.... 3 full dolls, and 3 floating heads.
x What kinds are they? Mikah (Bobobie An NS) Peitan (Planetdoll Roseanne Tan) Morghan (Unoa L-Bi) Kass (Shiwoo floating head) Tory (Lati M floating head) Yuliy (Lati K floating head)
x How long have you been into BJD? Wow- it's a year and a 2 months already!
x Do you attend conventions? (if so, specify which) Yup- I go to AWA every year, and I'm thinking about trying to get a ticket to Momocon.

I'm really excited about making some BJD friends in my area!
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