I am what I am and you can't do anything about it (shiori_hime) wrote in bjd_revolution,
I am what I am and you can't do anything about it

Doll clothes

Hey folks -- does anyone know what clothes fit the Iplehouse JID girls (I mean, other than clothes from Iplehouse)? I think a lot of the clothes on places like Dollmore and Nine9 Style would suit my new character's personality, but I'm not sure if those clothes would fit the Iplehouse doll I want. Thanks!
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If you are on Den of Angels, there is a whole thread just for that topic (for both JIDs). From what I've read there so far, it's hit or miss with the Dollmore clothes. I don't know about the Nine9 style. I don't have a JID girl but an incoming JID boy so I can't say anything from my own experience.