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Stolen doll at Ga Momocon

I had a friend/customer who had a doll stolen Sunday March 20th at 1pm.

She bought the doll from me and Jen last Dragoncon having saved up ALL year to buy it.
IT was her birthday present to herself and I was happy to see the look of utter joy she had when she bought it as it was the first and probably only doll she will have with what has gone on in her life.

The doll, as I posted in DoA, was a Resin Soul Dai, white/normal skin tone (this is my mistake not the girls as I can't remember which she told me it was.) , hazel eyes, had on a lavender silk brocade dress made by a friend of mine who goes by Catdragon and which the girl had just paid for earlier that con. Dress has leaves and small round roses boraded on it in the same color lavender.

She was in the bathroom and had set her stuff down on one of those couches and had gone to fix her contact when she heard people come in, she did'nt turn around since someone had been sitting there near her stuff and she thought it was safe. She was told three girls walked in and took the doll saying they were going to take it to lost and found or the owner whichever they found first.
(I personally think the person who was sitting in there was in on it but that is just me shrug.)

She came to us upset and crying her eyes out and it was NOT someone faking this was someone truly and visibly upset over this.

Most of what she had had for the doll during the past year had gotten mislaid or thrown out due to home issues, I can't go into everything on that because it's not my place to do so but I would'nt put anyone through what she has been through.

She spent all the rest of Momo looking for that doll and checking BOTH lost and founds to the point where they were getting irritated but I told her to keep doing it just in case the doll did get turned in.

She remained upset to the last point we saw her.

This child had nothing but that doll.

And before someone asks I am not aware if she filed a police report yet.
I had told her to do so however in the condition she was in ie shakey, upset, etc I dont' know if she followed through on my advice.
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