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New and saying hello :D

x Name? Ryen
x Age? 23
x Where do you live? NYC! ♥
x How many BJDs do you own? Two; one is on her way, but should be here very soon!
x What kinds are they? My boy is an Angel of Dream MSD, but I don't know his exact type (he was the most perfect birthday gift ever :D); my girl (the one who is on her way) is a Bobobie MSD Espree.
x How long have you been into BJD? A few years, but I just got my first doll early this month!
x Do you attend conventions? No, not yet. Maybe sometime. :P

Pictures of the doll I have on hand below the cut (excuse the poor photo quality - my camera needs new batteries!):

Isn't he gorgeous? :) My best friend got him for me, for my 23rd birthday earlier this month. ♥ He's just so amazing. And he poses very well - my friend says he has the best stringing she's ever seen. :D

This is the girl I'm getting, stock photo of course:

And I bought this wig for her:

I'll definitely post pictures when I get her, though! :)

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