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New here

x Name? Call me Sam
x Age? 23
x Where do you live? Eastern Kentucky
x How many BJDs do you own? 0 v.v
x What kinds are they?
x How long have you been into BJD? I have adored them since I first laid eyes on them like ten years ago.
x Do you attend conventions? This year I'm going to Ohayocon, Tsubasacon, and Anime Punch

Ugh! The one thing I've adored for years but have yet to find a means to participate in! I adore these dolls. I want one. I need to get one eventually. I'm ultimately planning on trying to build one piece by piece (as I think this is the only way I'll ever fully be able to afford one) and just getting face ups and shading done at conventions.

In fact, if anyone knows of any ways I can accomplish this, any and all help would be appreciated! I'm wanting to go for the 1/3 dolls but I may need to settle for the 1/6
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