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Beep beep.

x Name? Devin. Feel free to call me Dir. :B
x Age? Not old enough to be legal. Ahem.
x Where do you live? Florida
x How many BJDs do you own? Two, and one's on his way.
x What kinds are they? Pullip, Pukipuki, and the BlueFairy child will be here eventually.
x How long have you been into BJD? Three or four years. I got my first one last May.
x Do you attend conventions? I wish. My friend is getting a car, though, so I'll probably be able to go to some next year.

Here's a picture of my pukipuki, Amelia. I love her to death.
None of my friends are into or have dolls, so I'm really hoping to meet some people with similar interests. :3
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