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O sup guyz

Hello everyone! ^^ I just joined this community in hopes to find doll meet ups in my area, and perhaps to meet some doll friends! n__n

x Name? Kaci (PinkPlushii on DoA)
x Age? Seventeen
x Where do you live? Northern New Jersey. (Hudson county is as specific as I'm getting :P)
x How many BJDs do you own? I currently own one BJD, but I'm saving up for my second, who will hopefully be a Volks Ryoya Konoe! But if I can't get him, my second will be CrobiDoll Ys B. :)
x What kinds are they? A Leekeworld Luke! His name is Kadin.
x How long have you been into BJD? Since 2006 I believe. However, it wasn't until August 2009 when I received my first doll.
x Do you attend conventions? (if so, specify which) Yes I do! My friends and I attend animeNEXT every year. Unfortunately, that's the only big convention I go to. I'd like to go to more, but I'm a jobless student with no drivers license. ;w;
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